Site not in the top 10: main reasons


All site owners ask a common question: how to bring pages to the top of the issue. On the one hand, Google gives good advice: make a cool, useful site that meets search queries, and you are guaranteed to get into the coveted top ten. But not everything is so simple. After all, the list of leaders is small, and the competition in each segment is huge. As practice shows, it is not always a matter of cunning competitors who have occupied the cherished lines. Sometimes the reason why the site does not rise to the top lies in itself.

We have collected 6 reasons why a site cannot get into the top:

  • Non-unique content. When searching for the most worthy web resources, search engine bots crawl pages for a variety of factors. If during the check the content is recognized as non-unique, the resource will be sanctioned.
  • A large number or incorrect distribution of keywords across pages. An attempt to cram all search phrases into one text or an over-concentration of the main keywords on the main page is another reason why the site’s positions do not grow.
  • Poor or insufficient content optimization. Texts written for living people should be detected by the robot first. In addition to content, headings, subheadings, meta tags, captions on pictures are important.
  • The technical side is lame. Wrong domain choice, slow server, low page loading speed, lack of adaptive layout, unstable site operation also add to the list of shortcomings that need to be fixed.
  • Using outdated methods of SEO-promotion of sites. Site pages not in the top may be due to ignoring new trends in the search industry. It’s not time yet. To gain credibility in the eyes of search engines, you need 3-6 months of optimization and competent promotion.
  • These are the most common reasons why the position of the site does not grow. Behavioral factors, the likelihood of hacking, falling under search engine filters and much more are also analyzed.


To achieve the desired results, it is worth remembering: quality work is not done cheaply. You can, of course, order inexpensive texts, assemble the structure according to the template and upload free photos to the pages. But the result will be the same.

The conclusion is simple: for search engines, user satisfaction is a priority. If your site is more valuable than professionally created competitor sites, then you will definitely get a larger share of the audience and come out in the TOP of search engines.