Business promotion on the Internet

Business promotion in the printed press, on radio or television is becoming less and less relevant every day – although the services of the latter are still often used, the Internet has become the most popular channel for business promotion. Here, entrepreneurs can easily find the target audience on their topics and, accordingly, a source of potential profit. We invite you to get acquainted with the opportunities in the online promotion of corporate websites, as well as learn about the methods and channels for attracting an active audience.

Методы продвижения бизнеса онлайн

Before considering the main methods of promoting a corporate website, you need to say a little about the “foundation” of an effective site. First, at the stage of its creation, make sure that the site is not just a place where all the main traffic is driven. It should be a clear, structured system with a well-organized sales funnel. A potential visitor should not fall into a stupor when they first hit your business site. When organizing a site, professionals always carefully consider the “purchase scenario” – practically the “way” of the client, from clicking on the link to placing and confirming the order. There can be several such paths at once, each of them should be simple and understandable for the visitor.

Also consider the specifics of the consumer market: it divides business into B2B (business to business, i.e. selling services / goods to other companies) and B2C (business to consumer, i.e. selling services / goods for personal use). For example, there is a business for the production of linen fabrics – they are purchased for sale by the Vse dlya Shvei shop. This is B2B. If the store received an order for the purchase of a set of bed linen – this is already B2C. Both types of business have features that you should keep in mind when promoting on the Internet.

Самыми эффективными инструментами являются:

  1. SEO – promotion of the site in the top search results;
  2. Contextual, targeted advertising – displaying advertisements based on queries in search engines and user interests;
  3. Content marketing – publication of useful text materials to attract target audience;
  4. SMM – business promotion in social networks;
  5. E-mail marketing – attracting an audience through the distribution of e-mails.

And now let’s talk in more detail about each of them.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

One of the effective tools for promoting a website on the Internet is its optimization. SEO implies a set of tasks aimed at optimizing sites for the requirements of Yandex and Google search engines. The main goal of SEO is to raise the site in search queries in the TOP-1 in search results. After all, the higher the site is positioned, the higher the chance that it will be visited when entering “keywords” in the search engine. And each site visitor is already a potential client of the company.

Of course, if you have never promoted sites on the Internet, then such a serious process as SEO optimization is best left to people who understand this. Artnov.Digital will make a well-optimized site that will actively attract an audience even years after the completion of the work!

Контекстная и таргетированная реклама

Contextual advertising can be a standalone tool or work in conjunction with SEO, which gives better results. You have probably all come across advertisements – they occupy the top positions in the search results, are accompanied by the “advertising” marker. This method is especially effective when the result is needed “here and now” – unlike SEO, which is aimed at the complex development of the site, but bears fruit after a certain time, the context allows you to bring the first target customers on the day the advertisement is launched.

It is enough to start an advertising campaign in Yandex.Direct or Google AdWords, as well as launch advertising on partner sites (YAN and GMS). Of course, for the best results, you will have to spend a lot, especially if you have a highly competitive topic – funds will be debited from your balance for each click on an ad. The cost per click will depend on the specified niche.

A feature of a competent setting of contextual advertising is that ads can be targeted exclusively at the target audience with the involvement of “hot” traffic. When compiling ads, many indicators are taken into account, which allows you to achieve a greater number of targeted visits. And whether they will subsequently be translated into conversion depends solely on your site and its optimization. Therefore, many business owners are advised to carry out context tuning in combination with SEO.

Another equally common type of advertising on the Internet is targeted advertising. Usually it is directly associated with SMM promotion (promotion in social networks), since the ads themselves are published on pages or in groups on social networks. Thanks to more thorough customization options (taking into account age, geolocation, interests indicated on the personal page, completed educational institutions, etc.), such advertising is the best solution for finding a specialized target audience.

Content Marketing

The main goal of content marketing is to attract an audience through interesting materials on the site. Such texts should be thought out and structured, it is best if not exchange copywriters work on them, but specialists who are well versed in your subject. The assessment of the company’s competence, as well as the degree of trust in it, will depend on the quality of the materials. By publishing high-quality articles on the site, the chances are higher that you will be able to attract potential consumers to your products or services, translating their interest into conversion.

Usually this method is associated with SEO optimization. Useful content, worked out by key phrases, can affect the position of the site in search results for a specific query.

SMM (Social Media Marketing)

Social networks today have moved to a relatively new level – now it is not only a place where people can communicate and join thematic communities of interest, but also an effective trading platform that can work even without being tied to a site. SMM promotion allows the site, which is referred to by the group in the social network, to quickly find an audience interested in the services/products of the company. The effect is especially noticeable with simultaneous SEO optimization.

People spend a lot of time on social networks (especially on Instagram and Facebook), leaving a lot of important information for marketers there. This is what the latter use, targeting the selected segment of the target audience. The group of your business in the social network will allow consumers to get acquainted with the proposed product in detail, feedback is also always important here – try to respond in a timely manner to any questions that arise from page visitors.

The main task of SMM is to attract new customers to the group (and when linked to the trading platform, to the website), publish useful information and company news to increase the interest of the target audience. It is worth considering one important factor if you want to promote your business exclusively on social networks – not all topics are subject to effective promotion in this way. With the help of SMM, it is best to promote the following topics:

  • sale of clothes, footwear;
  • exclusive items (for example, handmade toys, accessories, etc.), souvenirs;
  • B2C services (food delivery, cosmetology, massage parlors, pastries to order, etc.);
  • courses, master classes, webinars;
  • goods/services of the B2C segment of narrow specialization.

As you can see, topics related to the B2B sphere are very difficult to promote through SMM. In such cases, it is better to focus on SEO and contextual advertising.


The essence of e-mail marketing lies in attracting customers through mailing lists. You can do this in several ways:

  1. Distribution on ready bases. A very risky way, because. negative responses can be achieved – people usually mark such emails as “spam”.
  2. A more effective way is to voluntarily offer a subscription on your site (or add the customer’s address to the list of “warm” customers after the purchase, then send him trade offers). It is best that the letter has a news or informational character, diluted with advertising and special offers. The payoff from this approach will be much greater.

Summing up

In conclusion, we recommend that you work only with topics in which you are really well versed. Artnov.Digital – will conduct an audit and select an effective business promotion methodology that will be relevant for your project. The company’s experience covers the listed areas of brand promotion on the Internet, on our website you can find all the information in detail, as well as get acquainted with successful cases on the work carried out.

Apply for business promotion services on the Internet and we will help your website or page on a social network become an effective tool for attracting customers!