What you need to know when ordering website development

If you want to order a website, you can fill out a brief right now and we will save you from all unnecessary difficulties. Below, let’s look at the details of what you need to know when ordering a site.

Website content

An important detail when ordering a site is not design but content (materials for the site). Prepared text, photo, video, audio. Video and audio are optional, but text and photos for the site are a must. If, in addition to photos, there is also a video, then search engines and visitors like it more.

With the help of these materials, you acquaint the visitor with you, with your company, with your product (goods, service), acquaint you with quality, guarantees, production and delivery times. This is important because when a visitor is looking for the product he needs, he opens the first five to ten sites in the search, and quickly looks at which of the sites has what he needs, while also looking at the city and price. Because there are goods / services that a person is looking for in his city, in his district, on his street.

The web studio, the specialists from which you order the site, will not be able to generate content for you, for the simple reason that they are not experts in the field for which you are creating the site. You can write the text for the site and for the video yourself. For photos, you can hire a photographer, or take pictures of your production, your office, your products, your customers yourself. For videos, you can also hire a studio to create videos, or you can make a couple of videos yourself on certain topics. At the initial stages, in order not to spend money, you can do it yourself, yourself or with the help of your colleagues / employees.

Регулярность и качество контента для сайта

There are different types of sites.

If you want to advance in the search for the phrases you need, then you need to generate valuable useful content for these phrases that will be better than competitors from the search. The process of promoting young sites is quite long and costly. If the goal is to quickly start getting customers, it is better to order paid advertising on search, and also paid advertising from social networks, instead of promotion.

You need social media to grow

You also need to start a channel on YouTube and Instagram, this will help you show yourself to the world, show your product / service, your service, your expertise in these most popular social networks. People will start commenting, subscribing to your updates, and as a result, with the help of these two channels, you will be able to attract customers. Perhaps you have a question why then order a website if you can make a channel on YouTube and Instagram, and develop them. This is the right question, but the site can not be ordered, but developed with the help of these social networks and take orders in the comments. The site is more needed as an addition to social networks, you develop and publish content on social networks, and then leave a link to your site so that a person goes and gets acquainted with your product / service in more detail, and fills out an order form on your site. Orders will be sent to you by e-mail, and you will continue to answer by mail or call back from the phone if you asked to leave the phone in the application. Also, in addition to mail, you can connect the application form from your CRM (if it has such an opportunity), and then the application will go to your CRM and your managers will continue to contact the client, clarify the order, etc.

Site types

  • one page website (landing page)
  • website
  • blog
  • website + blog
  • one page website + blog
  • shop + blog
  • shop + one-page sites + blog
  • portal
  • online service (for example, search, mail, map, work with documents online, etc.)

About ordering a business card site

A business card is a presentation of a person, or a company, or a product. All sites on the Internet, without exception, are business card sites because every text, every photo on the site is a presentation tool for the author of the site. Often, those who order a business card site want a one-page site where it will be written about a person, his professional skills, and below there will be a list / pictures of his completed works, projects.

About ordering a turnkey website

After the site is ready, you need to continue to work on it, publish content, monitor analytics, attendance, etc. After the site is created, it will be given to you, all logins and access passwords will be given, but then you will need to deal with the site, develop it, create new content, and so on. Not everyone has the time, not everyone has the desire to do it. Before ordering a site, you need to choose the Internet marketing model that will suit your capabilities, for example, it makes no sense to create a blog if you don’t have time to maintain it, although if there are five publications, this is already good.

One of the Internet marketing models is a one-page website + creation and publication of materials in social networks.

What is the best platform to build a website on?

Website and blog – can be done using the WordPress platform. This is by far the best platform for almost any of your projects. Even this site is made on WordPress and dozens of our other projects.

A one-page site (landing page) – if you want to edit text and photos on it yourself without knowing the code in the future – then you also need to do it on WordPress. Yes, we love WordPress and highly recommend it.

Regarding the store with an order basket – if there are up to 100 products, you can do it on WordPress. If you are planning a large multilingual store, then it is better to use the OpenCart platform or another tool for large stores.

The platform is also called the admin panel for the site, the engine for the site, CMS (Content management system) – content management system (content).